UNF Student Physical Therapy Association

Some members of class of 2017 awarded First Place for their poster presentation at the Graduate School Research Symposium.

Class of 2017 members presenting at the Graduate School Research Symposium.

Benefits of Being an "Active Member"

  • Financial support when traveling to conferences
  • Professional Development
  • Access to Community Outreach Events

How do I become an "Active Member"?

In order to be an active member for the semester you need to have each of the following

  1. Pay for your suggested SPTA donation (which can be done online under the "Members" tab)
  2. Attend every SPTA meeting (can only miss one to stay an active member)
  3. Participates in at least 2 different types of activities:
            - Outreach Event
            - Fundraising Event OR Pay $25
    [Note: 3rd years on internship in the spring are automatically considered active members if they were active in the fall semester.]