UNF Student Physical Therapy Association

Below you can sign up for any of our Fundraising events for the semester! Please keep in mind, you do need to attend 1 Fundraising event per semester. If you do not attend a fundraising event, the penalty is $50.


Important Information for Working the Games:

-Parking is at the parking garage near the courthouse. You will get on their buses (they are actual yellow school buses) that will take you to the stadium. Buses are located on the first floor of the garage, opposite of where you enter the garage.

-Once you get to the stadium, you need to go to the white tent to sign in and get your badge. Then, once you’re in, you will go to the 3rd floor and walk to the Budzone. Once at the Budzone, they will brief you and assign you to your station. You should be dismissed between 3rd and 4th quarter.

-Remember you can only bring a see-through bag that follows the stadium guidelines. Even clutch wallets/phone cases are NOT allowed. We recommend to only bring your phone and keys and nothing else.

-Alcohol training: As of now, we have no word on any training days. So, until we get word about times, do not worry about completing alcohol training. Just don’t sell alcohol to minors.

-Uniform: Currently the uniform is jeans and a black shirt.