‚ÄčUNF Student Physical Therapy Association

UNF DPT Mission Statement

The faculty of the Doctor of Physical Therapy Program at the University of North Florida is dedicated to:

  • Preparing students for entry-level physical therapy clinical practice by utilizing an evidence-based curriculum, 
  • Engaging students in on-going research, and
  • Participating in clinical internships that stimulate critical inquiry.

The Program is committed to life-long learning and seeks to provide opportunities to engage students, faculty, and the community in professional development and service. 


Purpose of the SPTA

"The purpose of the SPTA shall be to serve as a liaison between the Director of the Physical Therapy Program, the Faculty of the Physical Therapy Program, the Student Body of the Physical Therapy Program, the Undergraduate Student Body of the University of North Florida, and other University Organizations in matters common to all."

What are we all about?